PSB Test

The PSB tests are designed to determine whether a person is a good candidate for successfully completing various healthcare programs and is academically prepared to succeed in the rigorous training required. PSB tests measure specific “abilities, knowledge, and skills” and are developed to mirror, both in content and format, the entrance exams of accredited programs.

Topics covered include the following academic areas: basic math skills, fundamental biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology terms, reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, and general background knowledge, as well as a general aptitude for the specific medical field for which the test was designed. All content has been tested, reviewed, and proven effective.

Groups or individuals can take PSB tests in both paper and electronic formats. PSB tests are comprehensive, analytical, standardized, and reliable in predicting the success of candidates in healthcare assistance training and careers. Rigorously defined criteria have been established as a result of the accurate predictive value of PSB tests used in the past.

On their web site, PSB tests offer free supplemental study materials to help candidates not only prepare for the tests, but also help them interpret the results. PSB tests provide an easy-to-understand graphic picture of candidates’ readiness and suitability for success in an assistance-oriented healthcare profession. They also provide a tool for accurate appraisal of candidates’ potential for not only completing a rigorous training program but ultimately finding lifetime career satisfaction.

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