PSB Study Tips

PSB general study tips recognize the most important element in effective studying is the desire to learn. The primary objective should be to learn the material, retain the main ideas, and retrieve the data when needed. Anecdotal observation has confirmed that using PSB general study tips improves understanding and fluency and aids memory.

Some helpful PSB study tips include:

Studying in 25 to 30 minute blocks of time, and then taking a 10 to 15 minute break. This helps prevent eyestrain and general fatigue and gives the brain time to process information.
Do your most concentrated studying during the day. You should use the early hours for material that requires the most concentration. Research has shown that one hour of daytime study is worth two hours of study at night.
Rank the topics in order of difficulty and study them in descending order. This general PSB study tip insures the student’s mind is in an optimal state to retain complex information.
Review notes and key concepts. The candidate should prepare questions and study the answers until the data is clear and understandable.

Other general PSB study tips include getting a good night’s sleep the night before and eating breakfast the day of the test. This helps reduce worry and anxiety and improves the candidate’s ability to retrieve needed information faster and more accurately. It also helps maintain a positive attitude, which increases the candidate’s self-confidence.