PSB Preparations For The Test

Simple steps for PSB preparation include getting a good night’s sleep and eating breakfast on the day of the test. These two basic tips for PSB preparation will help reduce worry and anxiety. They will also improve self-confidence, which in turn encourages a positive attitude.

Candidates should also allow adequate time to reach the testing site, find a parking place, and get into the room so there is no stress because of an unanticipated travel problem. PSB preparations include taking care of personal needs before the test begins and notifying the proctor of any issues that could cause problems during the test.

As part of PSB preparations, it’s good to simply keep in mind the importance of careful attention to verbal and written instructions. All directions should be followed exactly. Candidates should request any needed clarification before the test begins.

Candidates should use all the time allotted for a particular section. They should read each question carefully and consider every answer thoughtfully. They should not spend too much time on any one question but should work quickly and answer as many questions as possible in the allotted time.

For the most part, the early questions are easier than the later ones, but the level of difficulty will be different for each person. If there is time left after completing a particular section, it’s fine to go back and reconsider skipped questions at that point.

Changing an answer should be well thought out process. Studies have shown that in many cases, the first response to a question is, more often than not, correct. A logical, educated deduction is probably okay, but random guessing is not recommended. Each correct answer on these tests is worth one point. Wrong answers and those unanswered are not counted at all.