PSB Practice Questions

PSB practice questions are provided for review so the candidate will have a general idea of the types of questions on the various examinations. Determining academic preparation for success as a healthcare professional is critical. If a candidate has deficiencies in math, science, reading comprehension and spelling, he or she will have a difficult time mastering the required course content. The following are sample PSB practice questions with explanations of answers.

Practice Question 1

Which of these words is defined as “based on experience or factual knowledge?”

A. Smart
B. Brilliant
C. Educated
D. Academic
E. Schooled
C: SMART means being quick thinking and bright.
BRILLIANT is having impressive intellectual ability.
ACADEMIC relates to scholarly performance.
SCHOOLED means being educated in a school.

Practice Question 2

What is the correct spelling of the following words?

A. Excellant
B. Excellent
C. Exccelent


A. Overboard
B. Overbaord
C. Overbord


A. Botersome
B. Bothersom
C. Bothersome


Practice Question 3

If David has 8 pieces of candy and shares 1/4 with Ryan, how many pieces does David have left?

A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5
E. 6

E: 8 x 0.25 (1/4) = 2
8 – 2 = 6

Practice Question 4

What are context clues?

A. Indirect learning hints
B. Nouns and verbs
C. Modifiers
D. Titles
E. Prepositions

A: These indirect learning hints include definitions, descriptions, examples, and restatements. Since most words are learned by listening to conversations, people use this tool all the time even if they do it unconsciously. But to be effective when reading, context clues must be used judiciously because the unfamiliar word may have several subtle variations, meaning the context clues could be misinterpreted.