NET Study Guides

The NET program offers NET study guides to help students prepare for a nursing school entrance exam, as well as standardized test overviews and practice questions to help prepare for entrance exams to other healthcare programs. These guides offer an accurate evaluation of a student’s potential for success in one of these medical fields. The NET study guides provide insight into the student’s personal learning style and indicate strengths and weaknesses in current study habits. Guidance is offered in several areas, including how to prepare for and take multiple choice tests, effective note-taking in a classroom setting, and methods to improve reading comprehension. The NET study guides improve the recall of general background knowledge and increase confidence in the ability to understand core course content.

The desire to learn is the most important element in effective studying. The NET program encourages rearranging the information in ways meaningful to the learner. This helps the student process the material better, retain it longer, apply it appropriately, and retrieve it when needed. Studying in 25 to 30 minute blocks of time, and then taking a 10 to 15 minute break, helps prevent eyestrain and general fatigue and gives the brain time to process information.

The NET study guides provide several study tips. For example, studying during the day is often more productive than nighttime study. The early hours are best suited for material that requires the most concentration. Research has shown that one hour of daytime study is worth two hours of study at night. Rank the topics in order of difficulty and study them in descending order. This practice ensures the mind is in an optimal state to retain complex information. Review notes and key concepts. The student should study the NET questions and answers until the data is clear, understandable, and retrievable.