NET Examination

The NET exams provide overviews and practice questions for tests that are often entrance requirements into nursing programs and schools for other healthcare professions. NET exams teach the basic skills needed to be successful in higher education, such as methods for taking useful notes, tips for taking tests, and the proper way to annotate reading material for better comprehension and retention. The exams determine the student’s basic background knowledge needed to successfully complete any higher education program.

NET exams evaluate the student’s understanding of the nursing process and patient needs, along with critical thinking skills and a basic knowledge of core content topics. Online remedial programs and enrichment activities are available to help the student develop or increase these skills. NET exit exams determine strengths and weaknesses in content knowledge and mirror actual licensing tests, so students have an accurate idea of their potential for success in passing the real licensing test.

Features of the NET exam include:

Audio and video coaching, directed readings, and podcasts to increase confidence and potential for success
A review seminar to help prepare for the NCLEX is available live and in an online video.
There are multiple NET representatives available for consultation, including educational consultants, review seminar consultants, customer support personnel, curriculum coordinators, research associates, and technical support people.
NET exams are available in several formats: pencil/paper, computer, online, or a combination of these. Paper results are provided within two days or via email.
Computer and web exam results are generated automatically and can be printed immediately. All NET exams are password protected.