HESI A2 Study Tips

General HESI A2 study tips include points to ponder before and during the test. The candidate should prepare for the test at least two weeks ahead of time, although three weeks is better. Waiting until the last minute causes undue stress and can inhibit the ability to retain data. Allowing a few weeks provides opportunity for the brain to process the information so data can be retrieved when needed. Some concrete suggestions included in the HESI A2 general study tips include:

Write the main facts and ideas in words that will be understood and remembered.
Read, review, and condense written notes.
Repeat information out loud, since it helps with retention.
Studying with a partner or in small groups helps everyone grasp the material better.

HESI A2 study tips for during the test are more detailed. Candidates need to pay careful attention to oral and written instructions and follow them exactly. Ask for clarification if necessary. Review sample questions. Skim the test and decide how much time to allow for each section. Generally, it is not a good idea to change answers, since research shows the first response is usually the correct one.

However, other HESI A2 study tips vary according to the type of question. For example:

Candidates should formulate an answer on MULTIPLE-CHOICE items before looking at the answers given, and be wary of absolutes and qualifiers. Sometimes these questions are tied to long passages, so it is helpful to read the questions before reading the passage, so the right responses will be easier to locate as the passage is being read.
A general HESI A2 study tip for TRUE-FALSE items is that the longer the statement, the more likely it is to be true. Also, there are usually more true than false statements. If the statement is long and/or complicated, break it into smaller pieces and remember that if one section is false, the entire statement is false. The first response to true/false questions is usually correct.
Another study tip for MATCHING items is to do the easy ones first and look for patterns.
Candidates should look for clues, such as sentence construction and the length of the blank in SHORT ANSWER and FILL-IN-THE-BLANK items.
When ESSAY items are part of the test, HESI A2 general study tips suggest reading all the questions before deciding on one, listing all facts and ideas known, and spending half the time outlining the answer and the other half writing it. Make sure to organize the essay, so it is easy to read and understand.