HESI A2 Preparations For The Test

HESI A2 preparations for the various tests required to gain entrance to an accredited nursing school, as well as those taken while in a training program and exit exams needed to prepare for the NCLEX certification exam, are all the same:

Budget time.
Be aware of milestones.
Study in two to three hour blocks of time.
Approach preparation for the test as if it is a job.

The last is probably the most important, because if the candidate does not take the HESI A2 test preparation as seriously as a paying job, success will be more difficult to attain and the ultimate goal harder to reach.

HESI A2 preparations include avoiding busywork by studying smart and taking pride in results rather than effort. Each person needs to find his or her optimal study time, the two or three hours that concentration, creativity, and judgment are at their best, and manage that precious time. Establish those daily hours as a regular study time and stick to it. No excuses! It’s also a good idea to designate a specific area for study and to establish a filing system so notes can be accessed quickly and easily.

While studying, the candidate should ask common sense questions about what information is important to remember and pare the data down to essentials. That approach is helpful when reviewing the material, aids in retention, and makes recall easier.

HESI A2 preparations for the test may include joining a study group; attending review sessions offered at many hospitals, universities, and test centers; and making use of online review programs. HESI offers remediation books with practice exams. NCLEX offers study guides.

If necessary, the candidate can attend remediation in specific academic areas. On the day of the test, a couple of general HESI A2 preparations include eating a good breakfast and remembering that others are experiencing the same emotions-and everyone will make it through the test.