Nursing Exam Prep Info

This is an informational site about the numerous exams that are required to enter various nursing and allied health programs programs. This site offers information for the following tests:

  • Nursing
  • Exam Prep InfoRN Pre-Entrance Test
  • PN Pre-Entrance Test
  • TEAS
  • NET Test
  • RNEE Test
  • PSB RN Test
  • PSB PN-LVN Test
  • PSB Health Occupations Test
  • HESI A2 Test

The free practice on this site is applicable to various exams. For example, the science portion of the RN and PN pre-entrance test are almost identical. Consequently, the practice science questions would be applicable for both tests. For further review, you may want to invest in a study guide to help you with your preparation. Good luck with your test.

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★★★★ Pass the TEAS Test Version V!!! ★★★★